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We build a wide range of Concrete Patios in Pittsburgh. We’re deeply committed to providing top-notch services, always focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. Our promise is to exceed our customers’ expectations and build trust through our professional behavior, skill, and careful attention to detail. We aim to stand out as leading concrete contractors in the city, known for our excellent craftsmanship, innovative methods, and customer-focused approach. You can trust us to bring your concrete patio idea to life, using high-quality materials and cutting-edge processes to produce amazing results that match your unique preferences. 

Patio Ideas

 Whether you envision a cozy, peaceful retreat with a stamped concrete patio that looks like natural stone, or a modern, sleek space featuring a carefully crafted concrete patio, we have the skills to turn your patio dreams into a reality. Our portfolio showcases a wide range of finishes and designs, catering to different patio ideas that appeal to various tastes and preferences. Our skilled team is excellent at creating eye-catching centerpieces using exposed aggregate and intricate patterns, enhancing both the look and usefulness of your outdoor space. Hire us to spark your creativity with our extensive selection of patio ideas, turning your concepts into a charming reality that can be enjoyed for countless years.

Check out the many patio styles we can create for your outdoor space:

Smooth Concrete Patios

Smooth concrete patios transform into fashionable and functional outdoor havens, standing the test of time. Showcasing a modern design and long-term strength, these patios are known for their sleek and sturdy appeal. Combined with their durability and easy maintenance, they make a wise investment for any home. Emitting a sophisticated and elegant vibe in outdoor areas, smooth concrete patios provide an attractive charm along with many benefits. Discover the flexibility and ongoing improvements offered by these patios, which not only enhance visual appeal, but also help to increase your property’s value over time.

Concrete Stain

Acid staining offers a variety of colors, making a special, patterned look through a natural chemical process. Adding a border and coloring it with a slightly lighter or darker shade adds more variety, making a bold contrast with the rest of the patio and enhancing its look. This technique creates a unique style that can take your patio project to the next level. It allows for a custom and attractive patio design that really shows off your personal style, adding a unique element to your outdoor space.

Exposed Aggregate Patios

Exposed aggregate patios are a great option for patio building because of their unique look and strong surface. Unlike other decorative concrete options, exposed aggregate concrete goes through a detailed washing or sandblasting process. This process shows the stones in the top layer, improving the depth and texture of the patio, and thus making a truly unique outdoor area. Highly favored for its unique look and tough surface, this specific type of concrete finish is a top-notch choice. So, if you’re looking for a patio option that perfectly combines visual appeal with strength, exposed aggregate patios are an excellent choice.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete patios are a favorite pick for outdoor spaces because of their many benefits. One big advantage is their design flexibility, allowing homeowners to copy the look of different materials like stone, brick, or slate. This flexibility includes color choices and intricate patterns, giving a custom look that matches any style. Stamped concrete patios are recognized for their durability and beautiful look. Plus, since they’re fairly simple to install, they are a cost-effective substitute for natural stone or pavers. With stamped concrete, homeowners can have a good-looking, easy-to-maintain patio that seamlessly blends style and function.

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If you need excavation services for new constructions, demolitions, or other projects, we are prepared to take on the project.


We have the necessary heavy-duty equipment to securely and effectively eliminate the existing concrete.


Schedule an appointment today to receive a professional estimate for concrete sealing, ensuring the protection and enhancement of the appearance of your concrete surfaces.


Frequently, concrete patio projects necessitate landscaping, and we are well-prepared to offer landscaping services to meet these needs.

Not All Patios Are Built Equal

As patio building experts, we promise to uphold this high standard of quality in every patio we make. Our commitment goes beyond just pouring concrete; it involves a deep understanding of the landscape, careful selection of materials, thorough site preparation, and perfect execution. These factors result in patios that are not just built, but are carefully designed—a difference you can see every time you step into your outdoor haven. It’s during this initial process that the construction quality of a patio shows the skill, artistry, and careful attention to detail used.

Our complete approach, from the beginning stages of site preparation to the final touches, results in patios that show top-quality and refinement. We take great pride in the expertise and focus we put into patio building, making sure that every detail is thoughtfully considered and perfectly carried out. The end result is an improved outdoor space that not only looks better, but also serves as proof of our commitment and skill in every part of its creation.

Stamped Concrete Textures

Some of our more popular Concrete Patio textures below

Cobble Stone

In a style that mirrors the cobblestone streets seen in many European nations.

Ashlar Slate

Known for its captivating pattern created by square and rectangular shapes.


Perfect for achieving the look of large Slate, Granite, or Stone slabs.

Random Stone

A sporadic stone pattern with the stones possessing a rounded shape.

Patio Contactors

Before and After Patios

Stamped Concrete Patio Before

Prepping for a new concrete patio.

Pattern Stamped Concrete After

Beautiful Front Yard Patio Completed.

Acid Stained Patio Before

Freshly Poured Texture stamped Concrete patio before an acid stain.

Acid Stained Patio After

Acid stain has been applied to the stamped concrete patio.

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More Patio Options

 Look into the following options to discover the many options you have for creating your perfect concrete patio.

Patio Pavers

Providing a unique and flexible alternative to traditional concrete patio designs, paving stone patios present a mix of colors, textures, and flexible design patterns that show off your personal style, giving off a timeless and trendy charm. Whether you’re aiming for a rustic or custom look, these patios are a great way to improve your outdoor space, adding a touch of personal class and elegance to your surroundings. Our team is ready to help you on an exciting journey to create a captivating paving stone patio that’s truly yours.

Decorative Concrete Patios

Our specialty is creating a variety of custom patios that match your personal style. Whether you like stamped, colored, creatively saw-cut smooth surfaces, exposed aggregate, or acid-etched finishes, we have the perfect solution tailored to your needs. Our goal is to bring your idea of a decorative concrete patio to life, carefully examining every detail to create a stunning outdoor haven that captures your wishes.

Saw Cut Textured Patios

We can add decorative saw cuts to a new or existing patio to create basic to complex designs. Whether your style leans towards a sleek, modern look or a traditional, complex design, our team will work closely with you to make your idea a reality. This ensures your patio accurately reflects your personal style and preferences. Our expert team is excellent at seamlessly integrating these elements into your patio design, resulting in an outstanding finished product that exceeds your visual expectations.

Raised Patios

In some cases, building a raised patio may be the best or necessary choice, and we are fully prepared to meet such needs. We have the technical skills to design and construct a raised patio that is visually appealing and functionally efficient, blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Our promise is to work closely with you to enhance your patio experience, creating a space that combines practicality with the visual appeal of your property.

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Some Common Questions

Usually, a site visit is necessary to offer you an answer, taking into account different factors. If you fill out the contact form, we will promptly respond and schedule an estimate.

 Stamped concrete is the most attractive yet can make leveling a table a bit more of a challenge than a smooth. There really is not right or wrong answer its all about personal preference. Get in touch with us and we will share our experience. 

 Quite often this can be completed if there is enough space under the door jams that leads out to the patio. We can sometimes offer a topping if not enough room for typical concrete slab thickness. 

Concrete can develop cracks for various reasons. Rest assured, we implement all the standard preventive measures when pouring your patio. Contact us today for further details.

Both Broom and smooth finish are our least expensive finishes. Both of these finishes are still attractive and timeless, blending with nearly any house exterior or landscaping. 

 Yes if you consider yourself a handyman type person. If your not one to do repairs around the house then get in touch with us, we would be apply to apply a professional sealer.

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I am thrilled with the exceptional stamped concrete patio created by this company! I recommend their services to anyone seeking to enhance their home with a concrete patio!
Alana Plinket
The team at this company has skillfully brought our elevated concrete patio concept to life with finesse and flair. The meticulous attention to detail and structural integrity of the raised platform has surpassed our expectations. It's not just a patio; it's a statement piece that has added a new dimension to our home. Kudos to the entire team for their exceptional work!
Ari Sweeney
We are over the moon with our new patio and can't thank them enough for making our outdoor dreams a reality
Walt Fields
The crew did a great job on my new sidewalk. Very conscientious, left the site clean and tidy. This is the second time I have used this company they are great!
lala Ivey

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